Стиилърс Констръкшънс EООД

Steelers Constructions Ltd

With its production base located in the Eastern Industrial Zone of Rousse, Steelers Constructions Ltd. specializes in the production and installation of various types of metal structures, storage tanks for oil, chemicals and other types of products, bridge structures and facilities. The company was established in January 2018. The production base is equipped with machines for:

Боряна ООД

Boryana Ltd

Subject of activity: Internal and external trade of goods of the light, food and household industry, building materials, consulting and marketing activities, entrepreneurship, re-export and barter, commercial representation and mediation of foreign companies in Bulgaria, production and trade of agricultural products of plant and animal origin, production and trade in handicrafts and works…

Експерт Прахово Боядисване ЕООД

Expert Powder Coating Ltd

Subject of activity: Surface treatment and coating on metal; Heat treatment of metal; Sandblasting, drum and other metal cleaning; Painting and engraving of metal; Non-metallic coating on metal; Hardening of metal; Mechanical processing of metal; Cutting and marking of metal; Any other proceedings, commercial transactions and services not prohibited by law.

Иван Недялков – ИПН „Универсал“ Експорт-Импорт ЕТ

Ivan Nedyalkov - IPN "Universal" Export-Import ET

Subject of activity: Opening and operation of public catering facilities, advertising and information activities, foreign and domestic economic activity - import, export and re-export, any type of production - commercial activity, hospitality, second-hand, consignment and consignment trade, currency exchange, services for the population in the field of household goods, rental of properties and belongings, taxi services in the country...

Специални Телове и Гвоздеи АД

Special Wires and Nails AD

Subject of activity: Purchase of goods or other items with the aim of reselling them in their original, processed form, sale of goods of own production, commercial representation and mediation, commissions, forwarding and transport transactions, warehouse transactions, license transactions, intellectual property transactions , hotel, tourist, advertising, business and other services, purchase, construction or furnishing of real estate...

Тих Труд – Русе ЕООД

Tih Trud - Ruse EOOD

Subject of activity: Purchase of goods or other items for the purpose of resale in original, processed or processed form, production of goods for the purpose of sale, commission, forwarding, warehouse, leasing activity, commercial representation, foreign trade transactions, transport, hotel, tourist, advertising , information activity and provision of other services; intellectual property deals, film, video production and the like…

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