Брани-90 – Божидар Антонов ЕТ

Brani-90 – Bozhidar Antonov ET

Subject of activity: Purchase of goods or other items for the purpose of resale in original, processed or processed form, valuable books, production of goods for the purpose of sale, commission, forwarding, warehousing, leasing activities, commercial mediation and representation, service activity, vulcanization, delivery trade, second-hand and antiques, currency transactions, transport, hotel, tourist, advertising, information, programming, impresario activities and provision of services, production...

Дунав Турс АД

Danube Tours AD

Subject of activity: commercial and investment activity in the country and abroad, operation, operation and maintenance of passenger ships, accounting services, organization of accounting reporting and compilation of financial reports, financial and marketing analyzes and consultations of Bulgarian and foreign persons, as well as any other commercial activity not prohibited by law.

Еко-Нова ЕООД

Eco-Nova Ltd

Subject of activity: Forestry and logging; catering, information, computer and other services; purchase of goods or other items with the aim of reselling them in their original, processed or processed form; production of goods for sale; commission, forwarding, warehouse, leasing activities of commercial representation and mediation; transport, export, re-export; foreign trade activity and any activity,…

Елф Супер ООД

Elf Super Ltd

Subject of activity: Carrying out transactions of any kind in the country and abroad, including acquiring and alienating in accordance with the law and this contract real and movable property, property rights, valuable books, rights to inventions, trademarks, know-how, copyright works and other objects of intellectual property, to acquire rights of any kind and to…

Месалина ООД

Messalina Ltd

Subject of activity: Production and sale of children's, women's and men's clothing; representation of local and foreign individuals and legal entities; production and sale of industrial and food products, including alcohol and spirits /subject to compliance with the legal requirements for this/; foreign trade activity; intermediary, commission, consignment business; advertising activity; mediation and…

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