Булмаркет Секюрити ЕООД

Bullmarket Security Ltd

Subject of activity: Protection of property of individuals or legal entities; security of valuable shipments and cargo; security of events, sports and cultural mass events; collection (accompanying valuable shipments and cargo); personal protection of natural persons; centralized protection of objects with car patrols; SOD (signal and security activity); design, supply, installation and maintenance of all technical systems for…

Елина-97 ЕООД

Elina-97 Ltd

Subject of activity: Commercial activity in the country and abroad - import and export of goods, materials and raw materials, re-export, barter transactions; commission, forwarding, placement - supply, intermediary, warehouse activity; commercial representation and mediation of local and foreign legal entities and companies; administrative services; financial - accounting activity and expertise; investor and technical control in construction;…

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