ClusterDesktop EOOD

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ClusterDesktop EOOD

ClusterDesktop EOOD is a progressive company that offers MyClusterDesktop - a cloud service that removes the dependence on limited office hardware and location. Focused on security and flexibility, the company makes it easy to access information and applications from any device with an Internet connection, including smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

MyClusterDesktop includes hardware space, Windows Server and antivirus licenses, and an option for MS Office licenses. Additional benefits include automatic backup and system administration. Information security is guaranteed by encryption with a separate certificate and multiple levels of access.

Cloud service not only reduces monthly maintenance and hardware costs, but also saves time and effort associated with IT infrastructure management. The flexibility of the solution allows for easy scaling up or scaling down of resources, making MyClusterDesktop an ideal choice for businesses looking for efficiency and mobility.

MyClusterDesktop also offers centralized operation of the entire office, facilitating communication and coordination between departments. The service is particularly suitable for companies that want to quickly adapt to changing business conditions.

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