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Arges County Businessman Association (AOA AG) is an NGO, which was constituted in 2003, and has at the present time over 160 members (From this number about 70% are SMEs) which have a total turnover of 2 billion Euro and over 20.000 employees. Arges County Businessman Association is located in Pitesti City, Arges County, South-Muntenia Development Region - Romania. Arges County Businessman Association organizes business events, training/educational courses and services for employees to step up their adaptability to change. The association also promotes entrepreneurship and innovation, support for self-employment and business start-up. In cooperation with local universities, they offer trainings and internships to students and they also offer counselling in order to help them start their own business.


App.mod.E Internship model for developing entrepreneurial skills

App.mod.E - Apprenticeship Model for developing Entrepreneurial skills