Branch union of light industry producers

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"Branch Union of Light Industry Manufacturers, Ruse" is an association of employers from the "Clothing and Textiles" branch in the Ruse region. The main goals with which it was created are: protecting the rights, professional and social interests of its members; development of collegiality and cooperation in the relations between its members - the representatives of the clothing and textile industry; promoting the activities of the members of the association, establishing professional contacts, exchange of information and cooperation with related institutions; organization and support of its members by organizing seminars, courses, consultations and other forms to increase the professional training and improvement of the members, including by attracting, as consultants and lecturers, foreign partners from the clothing and textile industry; raising the public position and professional status of its members in society. Currently, members of the Branch Union are 50 companies with over 6,000 workers and employees and the Professional High School of Clothing with a team of 75 teachers and employees and 595 students.


Creation of a Regional Center for professional training of workers for the sewing and leather industry

Establishment of Regional Centre for Vocational Training of Employees for The Apparel and Leather Industry