Business center to support small and medium enterprises

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Business center for support of small and medium-sized enterprises - Ruse was registered in January 1996 as a non-governmental non-profit organization. Its main objective is to support with all available means the business in the North Central Region, especially small and medium-sized enterprises from the region, to stimulate their development, as well as to coordinate, unify and complement the activities of all organizations and structures supporting small and medium-sized enterprises and to establish contacts at local, national and international level.

BCP SME improves contacts oriented to effective communication between the organizations and structures supporting small and medium-sized enterprises at the local level, as well as between those from other regions of the country and abroad. Plays an important role in terms of facilitating contacts between small and medium enterprises and the aforementioned structures and organizations, regarding the definition of problems and challenges, information support and redirecting or solving the problems and challenges within the Business Center itself, if this is within its competence .

Since 2008, BCP SME - Ruse is a host organization of the Enterprise Europe Network - the largest network in the world in support of business and innovation, created by the European Commission. The Enterprise Europe Network helps businesses create and innovate and grow internationally. The network is active worldwide, bringing together experts from host organizations known for their excellence in business support.


ENVICONTEH – Integrated systems for monitoring and control of wastewater, quality and security of textile products traded in Romania and Bulgaria

ENVICONTEH – Integrated systems of monitoring and controlling wastewater, the quality and security of textile products commercialized in Romania and Bulgaria