World Chambers Network (WCN)

World network of chambers

Chambers of commerce - with a history of well over 400 years and represented in most countries - are trusted contact points and third parties in regional, national and international trade. Chambers represent the largest organized business group in the world with more than 12000 chamber offices worldwide, which have well over 40 million business members.

The World Chambers Network (WCN) was established 20 years ago as the official chamber portal dedicated to electronic trade.

WCN's unique platform is a vital business tool which offers business and market information via chambers (local to global), business promotion, verification and trust services.

WCN...offers services to both businesses (in the WCN Business Lounge) and to chambers of commerce management (in the WCN Chamber Lounge).

In addition, corporate clients and public sector agencies can also draw on a combination of services from these two segments to reach their goals, for example for the introduction of a new business tool, or regional economic development purposes.