Who are we and how can you contact us?

Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) is an independent, voluntary public organization (non-profit association), created to support, promote, represent and protect the business interests of its members and assist in strengthening market-economic relations for European and international integration of the region and the country. The seat of the chamber is in the city of Ruse and office address: Tsar Ferdinand Blvd. 3a, 1st floor. VAT number: BG000517346. You can contact us at the email address info@rcci.bg or projects@rcci.bg; telephone 082/825875. When we talk about RCCI's website, we mean http://www.rcci.bg/.

RCCI and the privacy of personal data of natural persons

To fulfill the mission and goals of RCCI, the organization collects information mainly related to entrepreneurial activity. These are largely data and indicators in the field of economic development.

Why do we collect personal data?

The reason for the collection of personal data is closely related to the achievement of the goals and tasks of RCCI - according to the statute and in the implementation of normative acts.

Through this statement, RCCI provides you with information about the nature of the personal data it collects and processes in order to gain clarity about the purpose of their collection, your rights and how we protect the confidentiality of your personal data.

This declaration is intended for you - all current and future members and in various forms - partners of RCCI, as well as for persons voluntarily participating in the activities related to the various projects implemented by RCCI in its capacity as a partner in programs financed by the European Union.

How and what personal data do we collect?

Data related to RCCI membership and/or RCCI service provision.
Data related to your participation in a range of events related to current RCCI European projects.

RCCI collects this data mainly on the basis of declarations etc. documents (on paper or electronic media) that you provide and/or sign - in the RCCI registration procedure and/or for services requested by you.

Due to the need for communication between our organizations, we collect part of the data via e-mail or in a telephone conversation.

We collect another part of your personal data from public sources (most often public registers), observing the conditions of the sources for using the information.

The personal data we collect is minimal and only those necessary for the RCCI to achieve the relevant goal (e.g. name, address), and in cases where a regulatory or administrative act requires this - also identification number/identity card data/international passport data.

Video recordings

RCCI also collects data through security cameras used for the purpose of protecting RCCI's property, incl. and the personal data administered by RCCI. These data are stored for a limited minimum legal term and access to them is strictly regulated.

RCCI also collects personal data through video recording of events organized within current projects or outside of them, in which various types of interested persons participate, including members and partners of RCCI.

Some of these events are publicly available, incl. and their records, in view of their public interest and value, have news importance and are of benefit to the business circles of the country.

As active participants in these events, you may be included in these records. In most cases, only a limited range of individuals can be unequivocally identified from the records. There is information about other participants, but they are recognized by a narrower circle of people. In general, individuals are associated with the business they represent or with the topic they are interested in. If for any reason you do not want or believe that these recordings violate the confidentiality of your personal data, you can alert our representatives at the entrance of the event and take a place that is the least emphasis on filming.


RCCI uses an integrated newsletter registration form.

  • Scope of personal data processing
    The data you enter when registering for our newsletter.
  • Legal basis for processing personal data
    Art. 6 (1) lit. (a) GDPR (consent by clear affirmative action or conduct).
  • Purpose of data processing
    We will only use the data you enter in the registration fields to send you our newsletter, in which we provide you with information about our services and news.
  • Duration of data storage
    You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link that appears in each newsletter. After unsubscribing, we will delete your data immediately. We reserve the right to delete data without giving reasons and without informing you in advance or after deletion.
  • Possibility to object and remove data
    The possibilities to object and remove data are determined in accordance with the general rules on the right to object and delete data, as required by data protection law, which are further specified in this data protection declaration.

If you want to receive the newsletter, we need your email address, which will allow us to confirm that you are the owner of the email address provided and that you agree to receive the newsletter. We use this data exclusively to send you information and offers that you have requested.

Sendinblue is the email marketing software used. This means that your information is transferred to Sendinblue SAS, 7 rue de Madrid, 75008 Paris, France. Sendinblue is prohibited from selling your data and using it for purposes other than sending email. Sendinblue SAS is a certified email marketing software provider operating in accordance with European Regulation 2016/679. A data processing agreement has been concluded between RCCI and Sendinblue.

More information can be found here:

When you give permission for a company to store your personal information and email address and send you marketing emails, you can withdraw that consent at any time via the unsubscribe link in any email.

Cookies on the site 

The RTIK website collects cookies. Cookies are information stored in your browser. They are used to save settings and identifiers necessary for some of the services provided on our site. Cookies contain information with which you help RTIK to improve the functionalities of the site. If you do not want us to do this, you can set your browser to restrict cookies. You should keep in mind that the site may not function properly and reliably without some of them.

  • Google Analytics is built into RCCI's website. Google Analytics - uses a set of cookies to collect information and report statistics on the use of a website without personally identifying individual visitors to Google. The main "cookie" used by Google Analytics is "__ga";
  • "Third-party cookies" - Facebook, Twitter, Youtube may apply "cookies" to share content on social networks or to compile access statistics. The availability, number and status of such cookies may depend on your use of these platforms before or during your visit to the RCCI site. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the management policy of these "cookies" of the social networks on their respective sites.
  • The RCCI website uses a "cookie" to save the visitor's language settings. The "cookie" is called LANG and contains the code designation of the language version that the user has selected.
  • The COOKIE_ACCEPT cookie contains information on whether the user browsing the site agrees to the use of cookies and their use. The "cookie" has a positive value when the user agrees with the message he sees when entering the site.

How do we store your personal data?

RCCI stores your data on our servers by applying appropriate technical and administrative measures and controls to protect the integrity of the data and its confidentiality.

Who do we share your personal data with?

  • with state and municipal bodies and institutions - in the performance of RCCI's obligations assigned by a normative or administrative act - provided that there is a reason for the relevant authority/institution to request your personal data from RCCI;
  • publicly - through the registry of RCCI members published on the RCCI website, which aims to provide contacts of your company to other persons who would be interested in partnership, incl. and to receive service from your company.
  • with reliable partners of RCCI, on whom RCCI relies for the maintenance of our information systems for processing, and all partners undertake to comply with the requirements and conditions of RCCI for the processing of personal data; your personal data is stored on media - in all cases under our direct control.
  • with public bodies and institutions and with private entities (in the country and abroad) - with a service provided by RCCI at your request/power of attorney.

Periods in which we store personal data

RCCI stores personal data for periods determined in one of the following ways:

  • from a regulatory/administrative act;
  • from the RCCI statutes/internal rules;
  • from the announced or normally required by/for RCCI deadlines for receiving requested services;

The normally necessary terms for storage and provision by RCCI of information expected by it - for you and other economic entities, which is beneficial for your business activity; RCCI securely stores this data and because such information can only be provided by us; the information is stored in the archive of RCCI, and strictly defined persons have access to it.

Apart from the cases mentioned above, personal data administered by RCCI, which are related to communication on daily/current issues related to you, are stored for a period of no longer than 5 years.

Access to information and your rights

Considering the value of the information that RCCI stores, we implement a strict organization for access to the data. This is done in order to prevent unauthorized access, errors or misuse of your personal data.

As a responsible organization, RCCI respects all the rights of individuals guaranteed by European and national laws related to the protection of their personal data. RCCI complies with every regulatory requirement, taking into account the specific circumstances, the forms of data collection, the legal grounds and the purpose of their collection.

While it is your right to request "correction" of your personal data where necessary, we rely on you to exercise this right to help us keep accurate and up-to-date information about you.

In case you wish to exercise any of your rights, our employees will assist you with care and attention to you.

Additionally, you have the right, at your discretion, to file a complaint with the supervisory authority - Commission for the Protection of Personal Data https://www.cpdp.bg/.

In all cases and regardless of the specific circumstance, you can seek answers and make requests related to the protection of your personal data and the rights related to them to our personal data protection officer via E-mail: info@rcci.bg and at the address of the city of Ruse, Tsar Ferdinand Blvd. 3A.