School Starters’ Hub – Трансформиране на средните училища в центрове за иновации и творчество

School Starters' Hub - Transforming Secondary Schools to Innovation and Creativity Hubs

The main objective of the project is to introduce a new approach, perspective and methodology for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial skills among students by developing school centers that will successfully connect schools with local communities and will allow students to communicate and collaborate with local businesses and stakeholders.

DTAM – Дигитална трансформация в напреднали производствени системи

DTAM - Digital Transformation in Advanced Manufacturing

The project will deliver a new digital transformation curriculum dedicated to quality training in key technologies for advanced manufacturing. The training will increase the workforce of technicians capable of understanding, installing, configuring, monitoring, analyzing, data transfer and maintaining digital systems in an advanced manufacturing environment, so as to address the critical gap in the skills gap of workers in the field of Industry 4.0 .

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