Completed project

Bulgarian guide - innovative and interactive tourist services

Bulgarian travel guide - innovative and interactive tourist services

Duration: 1 October, 2013 – 1 April, 2015

The project aims to promote and establish Bulgaria as a unique tourist destination. Among the objectives of the cluster are:

  • To introduce innovative technology for the interactive offer of tourist services provided by the Cluster;
  • Attracting more Bulgarian and foreign tourists to local tourist destinations;
  • To improve the market position of the Bulgarian tourist product at the international level;
  • To promote and present the natural beauty, cultural and historical heritage and human potential of the country in Bulgarian and foreign media.

Project activities:

  • Capacity building trainings for Cluster staff;
  • Creation and creation of an Internet portal in order to promote the services of the cluster and its members;
  • Innovative activities in the field of tourism - days of "Geotourism" in several large cities, national festival "Bulgarian Guide";
  • Participation of the cluster in 2 national tourist exhibitions (Sofia and Veliko Tarnovo) and in 3 international fairs (in the USA, Russia and Spain).

Project results:

  • Increased capacity and qualification of cluster members by improving access to educational services and specializations;
  • Specialized online travel portal and database with up-to-date information on alternative forms of tourism in Bulgaria;
  • Exchange of know-how and creation of contacts through participation in international seminars and participation in national and international tourism exhibitions;
  • Improved access of cluster members to potential clients and future partners at the national and international level;
  • Increased interest on the part of the international media and investors in the possibilities for the development of specialized forms of tourism in Bulgaria;
  • Developed marketing strategy for cluster positioning and promotion of joint tourist packages and services under the common brand "Bulgarian Guide".