Completed project

ESII - European Experts in Social Innovation Incubation

ESII European experts in social innovation incubation

Duration: September 1, 2015 – September 1, 2017

The ESII project aims to promote a new professional curriculum bearing the same name (European Experts in Social Innovation Incubation). The program focuses on incubating social innovations in a virtual environment, providing expert consultancy and training to help social entrepreneurs and innovators develop the skills they need.

The main target group of the project are all organizations providing support for social development and business - consultants employed in the sector, business experts, regional development agencies, chambers of commerce and industry, employers' organizations, cooperatives and civil organizations.

Main objectives of the project:

  • collection of information and analysis of existing practices;
  • introduction of a credit system for professional training in the field of social innovation;
  • raising General awareness about social innovation and the incubation process of initiatives, principles and technologies through various activities;
  • increasing participation in initiatives related to social entrepreneurship in Europe;
  • improving cooperation between the various European organizations involved in social issues and social entrepreneurship.

Expected results include:

  • introduction of a credit system for professional education in the field of social innovation;
  • an innovative learning environment where future experts are trained through interactive courses and simulation tools.


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