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INTRASME - Innovative Transport SME Support Action

INTRASME – Innovative Transport SME Support Action

ID: FP7-TPT-2012-RTD-1

Duration: 1 October, 2012 – 30 September, 2014

Aims and objectives: INTRASME aims at improving the capacity and capability of European SMEs to more rapidly develop and implement products and services in the low carbon transportation and smart mobility sectors focusing on the role that SMEs have on innovation mechanisms for the transport sector.

Among its main objectives are:

  • To identify the barriers transport SMEs meet accessing EU R&D programmes and transforming R&D results into products and services;
  • To develop a package of guidance, case studies and on-line support to enable SMEs to take advantage of new market opportunities;
  • To establish networks in and between EU regions to strengthen entrepreneurship and integration in the supply chains.

Activities and results:

Within the project a number of support services and tools will be delivered in order to help companies to transform research results into products and services.

INTRASME will organize a series of road-shows, market and SME opportunity workshops, demo-sessions, etc. aiming at the dissemination and exploitation of products and services being developed in EU R&D projects.

Three Thematic pan-European Innovation Networks, gathering key actors of the innovation chain, will be established in those regions where innovation links are weak.

Policy workshop and event will be organized to validate and present project results.

Project focus:

The INTRASME project will focus on:

  • Electric land vehicles;
  • Electric water vehicles;
  • Light aircraft;
  • Smart mobility sectors;

Project partners: Coventry University Enterprises Ltd. - UK, EBN – Belgium, Warsaw University of Technology – Poland, RSE Italy, IDTechEx Ltd – UK, Interactive Fully Electrical Vehicles (IFEVS)- Italy, MIRA Ltd. – UK, Innovation Bridge Consulting (IBC) – UK.

Role in the project: The Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry is an associate partner and regional organizer of the road show for Bulgaria.

Project Donor(s): European Commission through the Seventh Framework Program (FP7).


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