DTAM – Дигитална трансформация в напреднали производствени системи

DTAM - Digital Transformation in Advanced Manufacturing

The project will deliver a new digital transformation curriculum dedicated to quality training in key technologies for advanced manufacturing. The training will increase the workforce of technicians capable of understanding, installing, configuring, monitoring, analyzing, data transfer and maintaining digital systems in an advanced manufacturing environment, so as to address the critical gap in the skills gap of workers in the field of Industry 4.0 .

RESTART – Дигитални обучителни инструменти за насърчаване на Индустриална революция 4.0 в ЕС

RESTART - Digital training toolbox to foster EU’s Industry 4.0 revolution

The main goal of the RESTART project is to qualify new professionals capable of supporting the digital transformation of European companies using the advantages offered by Industry 4.0 technology. It works to improve and expand the provision of high-quality learning opportunities tailored to the needs of individual less experienced or low-skilled adults

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