Алена Трейдинг ООД

Alena Trading Ltd

Subject of activity: Production and trade in chemical substances and products, organization of accounting reporting and preparation of financial statements in accordance with the Accounting Act, as well as any other type of activity that is not prohibited by law, but for activities requiring a permit or license , after its receipt, according to the order established in the law.

Балмет ООД

Balmet Ltd

Subject of activity: Purchase and trade of ferrous and non-ferrous metals from individuals and legal entities in compliance with the requirements of the law and by-laws for carrying out the specified type of activities and after the relevant required registration, commercial representation of Bulgarian and foreign individuals and legal entities , exercising economic activity under the provisions of the Bulgarian...

Бостик България ЕООД

Bostik Bulgaria EOOD

Subject of activity: Trade in industrial, agricultural and food products in the country and abroad, trade in chemical products and consumables for the chemical industry, trade in works of art, trade in goods on consignment, import and export, transport in the country and abroad, tourism , barter transactions, representation and mediation, advertising, consulting activity, commission activity.

Булексим ООД

Bulexim Ltd

Subject of activity: Trade in goods, services, plant protection preparations and fertilizers; production of cereals, agricultural products, seeds and planting material; import, export, re-export, trade in real estate, organization of auctions and bazaars; purchase, processing and export of secondary raw materials, construction activity, scientific research, analysis, expertise and forecasts, investment - research, design, engineering, innovation...

Булмаркет ДМ ЕООД

Bulmarket DM EOOD

The company BULMARKET DM EOOD was established in 1996 in Ruse, as the main business is related to the supply, production, storage and wholesale trade of energy products of mineral and non-mineral origin. In the beginning, the company started with a few employees, and today there are fifteen subsidiaries with over 1000 employees. As a wholesaler…

Вавилон Трейдинг ООД

Babylon Trading Ltd

Subject of activity: Organizational, consulting, advertising - informational, production, purchase and sale of products and goods wholesale and retail, organization of tourist activities in the country and abroad, creation of company stores, production and sale of souvenirs, clothes, shoes, design and construction of residential and industrial buildings and their furnishing, purchase, processing and sale of...

Вижан ЕООД

Vizhan EOOD

Subject of activity: Domestic and foreign trade; commercial representation, mediation and agency; hotel and restaurant business; opening and operation of commercial establishments and catering establishments; purchase, storage, processing and sale of any type of agricultural produce; production of household goods; entrepreneurial and construction activity; Real estate transactions; warehousing, transport and forwarding activities; consulting…

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