Джипекс Европа ЕООД

Gypex Europe Ltd

Subject of activity: Import, export, production, sale and resale of threads, yarns, fabrics and everything related to textiles, threads and yarns; import, export and sale of cars and auto parts; production of food or industrial goods or other items for the purpose of resale in their original, processed or processed form; import, export, sale of self-produced goods,...

Диоген Импорт ЕООД

Diogen Import Ltd

Subject of activity: Commercial activity in the country and abroad, import and export of goods; advertising activity; commission activity; taxi service with cars and trucks; forwarding activity; tourist activity; commercial activity with farm produce and cereals; commercial activity with oil derivatives and gas; consulting, investment and design activities; computer modulation; tailoring; giving to…

Евис ООД

Evis Ltd

Subject of activity: Foreign and domestic trade, re-export, barter transactions, hotel and restaurant business, taxi transport of people and goods, tourism, currency exchange and currency - financial transactions, advertising, impresario - production activity, distribution of printed works, design, execution and reporting of construction and assembly works, design, production and processing of agricultural products from plant...

Епилог ЕООД

Epilog Ltd

Subject of activity: Purchase of goods or other items for the purpose of resale in original, processed or processed form; production of all types of goods permitted by law for sale in the country and abroad; consulting services and any other services permitted by law; installation, repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment; taxi freight transport…

Инакем Солюшънс ООД

Inakem Solutions Ltd

Subject of activity: Domestic and foreign trade, marketing, consulting services, production and trade in the country and abroad with all types of industrial and agricultural products, commercial representation and mediation in the country and abroad, commissions, forwarding and transport transactions, as well as all permitted by law activities.

Инфоконсулт Русе ЕООД

Infoconsult Ruse EOOD

Subject of activity: internal and external trade, export, import, re-export, barter transactions and exchange of goods for consumption, food. goods, nutritional supplements, agricultural products. production, industrial raw materials, spare parts, machines, equipment, organizational and household appliances; commission trading, mediation, representation and agency of our and foreign companies, individuals and legal entities; technical guidance and investor control of…

Ириди ЕООД

Iridi Ltd

Subject of activity: Purchase from the country and abroad of goods or other items for the purpose of resale in their original, processed or processed form, including the conclusion of commercial transactions with petroleum products, export, re-export, barter, counter-compensation and other foreign trade transactions and commercial activity on the territory of the country and abroad, permitted by law, commercial representation...



Subject of activity: Commercial representation and mediation of Bulgarian and foreign individuals and legal entities, consulting services and dealer activity to Bulgarian and foreign commercial banks, insurance and financial companies and organizations, factoring, leasing, franchising, marketing activity, commission activity, intermediary activity when issuing and using bank guarantees, commercial activity in the country and abroad, import...

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