Свободна Зона-Русе ЕАД

Svobodna Zona-Ruse EAD

"Free zone - Ruse" EAD is a trading company with the sole owner of the capital National Company Industrial Zones. It was established in 1988 as an import-export center providing customs and tax benefits for customers operating on its territory. With its strategic location – next to the Danube River, at the intersection of the VII and IX European transport corridors, at…

Андрея Шипинг и Трейдинг ООД

Andreya Shipping and Trading Ltd

Company profile: Established in 2010, Andreya Shipping and Trading Ltd. is a trusted provider of transport and trade services with a strong presence in the Bulgarian and Romanian markets. Co-owners Danail Rusev and Detelin Vasilev bring decades of combined experience in forwarding, customs representation, etc., guaranteeing quality service and customer satisfaction. Management and Ownership: Founder, Co-Management…

Тотал Сървисис България ЕООД

Total Services Bulgaria EOOD

Total Services Bulgaria EOOD is a leading company in the international transport, forwarding and logistics sector, specializing in import and export between Bulgaria and Turkey. The company offers a wide range of services, such as transportation of both general cargo and dangerous cargo under ADR, groupage shipments, transportation of bulk cargo, transportation of fertilizers and...

Балкантурс ЕООД

Balkantours Ltd

Subject of activity: Commercial representation, mediation and agency, incl. and shipping to Bulgarian and foreign individuals and legal entities, production and purchase of all goods and things for the purpose of sale in original, processed and processed form, commercial representation and mediation, catering, agency, marketing, consulting, design, investment and production activities, research, design, consulting, investment and...

Балвинекс ООД

Balvinex Ltd

Subject of activity: Trade in the country and abroad, import and export of wines and spirits, electrical household and other electrical appliances, with office equipment and equipment, with machines, equipment and equipment for the production of wines and spirits, with packaging, materials for packaging machines for packaging and bottling of wines and spirits, transport activity, production...

Браво Спед ООД

Bravo Sped Ltd

Subject of activity: Transport and forwarding activity in the country and abroad, representation /including representation before customs/, mediation and agency of local and foreign individuals and legal entities, consulting activity, providing oral and written translations and services in connection with the legalization of documents , administrative legal and any other services not prohibited by a legal act, external and internal...

Донау-Рейн Логистик ЕООД

Donau-Rhein Logistics Ltd

Subject of activity: International commercial shipping, including combined transports, as well as any auxiliary commercial and technical activities and operations related to commercial shipping, freight and transport-forwarding activities in the country and abroad, warehousing and transshipment activities, commercial representation, mediation and shipping agency, domestic and foreign trade.

Донау Транзит ООД

Donau Transit Ltd

Subject of activity: Transport, forwarding, courier and logistics services; ship agency and chartering; port and warehouse logistics; ship supply; customs agency; mediation in transport insurance; development and implementation of intelligent transport systems; other activities permitted by law in the field of transport and logistics / activities for which a special permit or license is required will be carried out...

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