K & A Ltd

Subject of activity: Activity in the field of forwarding transactions, customs agency services, consulting services, commissions, warehouse transactions, commodity control services, tourist services and all other activities not prohibited by law.

Крол Транс ООД

Kroll Trans Ltd

Subject of activity: Domestic and foreign trade in agricultural produce, industrial and non-industrial goods and products, real estate and others, including intellectual property products; production and processing of industrial goods, non-industrial goods and articles; intermediary and commission activity; commercial representation; customs agency; preparation and printing of documents, forms and forms; investment, engineering, construction and...

Куадра Спед ЕООД

Quadra Speed Ltd

Subject of activity: Customs representation, intermediary, commission and consulting activity, marketing, advertising activity, production, purchase, processing, storage and sale of food and industrial goods and household items, commercial representation and agency of Bulgarian and foreign individuals and legal entities in the country and abroad, tourist activity - tour operator and travel agency, internal and external commercial...

Петър Караминчев АД

Petar Karaminchev AD

Subject of activity: Processing of polymer materials and production of products for industry. Additional subject of activity: delivery and trade of propane-butane gas, liquid fuels, oil products, coal and briquettes from import and local production; internal and external trade in construction materials and goods for industrial and residential furniture, spare parts for motor vehicles, household,...

Порт Булмаркет ЕАД

Port Bulmarket EAD

Port PORT BULMARKET EAD is the largest private port for public transport on the Danube River in Bulgaria. It offers a diverse palette of services, great flexibility in implementing complex solutions that are able to satisfy even the most demanding customers. The port is for public transport of regional importance, according to the Law on Maritime Spaces, Inland Waterways and Ports...

Райс ООД

Rice Ltd

Subject of activity: Forwarding, import and export of goods and other items purchased for the purpose of sale in original, processed or processed form, wholesale and retail trade, barter transactions, entrepreneurial and construction activities, restaurant business, pawnshop, opportunity, commercial representation and brokerage, commissions, warehouse and licensing deals. Purchase, construction and furnishing of real estate for the purpose of…

Салих Спед ЕООД

Salih Sped Ltd

Subject of activity: consulting activity; agency and mediation in the country and abroad of local and foreign individuals and legal entities; import, export and re-export; commercial representation, forwarding and warehouse transactions, real estate transactions; leasing, advertising, distribution and marketing activity; commissions, information, program services; purchase of goods for resale in original, processed or processed…

Синтра ООД

Sintra Ltd

Subject of activity: Production, purchase, processing and sale of goods and belongings in the country and abroad, foreign economic activity, import and export, barter transactions, mediation, agency and representation of foreign and local individuals and legal entities, forwarding activity and transport services, entrepreneurship, commercial representation, hotel and restaurant business, advertising, information, impresario, publishing, printing and translation activities, tailoring,...

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