Intertopcomerce - Ayhan Topal ET

EIK: 030137282

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Activity: Trade and commission activity, including import-export, re-export, barter, consignment transactions, representation, mediation, agency, production of industrial and agricultural products, consumer goods, food products, works of artistic crafts (excluding precious metals and precious stones), construction activity, transport activity, opening and operation of food and drinking establishments, bazaars, trade pavilions, shops, boutiques; exhibitions, fairs, sewing - tailoring, knitting, carpentry, welding, painting, teaching, administrative - legal, design, agricultural, photographic, veterinary services, production and impresario activity, advertising activity, marketing, engineering activity, hospitality, organization and operation of electronic, mechanical and other fun-entertainment games (without gambling), software and hardware services, repair and installation of machines, household appliances, electronic and computer equipment, cars organization of contests, auctions, reviews, performances, sports competitions, business meetings, courses, organization of advertising, information, journalistic, photographic and business agencies, domestic and international tourism, rental and lease of goods, machines and cars, leasing activity, consulting and expert services, publishing of newspapers, magazines and books, carrying out tour operator and travel agency activity in the country and abroad, import, export, barter transactions and re-export co with goods and services from the subject of activity.

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