KiH Group Consulting EOOD

EIK: 204788621

KiH Group Consulting EOOD

„КиХ Груп Консултинг“ ЕООД е специализирана агенция за консултантски услуги в областта на Европейските структурни фондове. Екипът на дружеството разработва, подава и управлява отчитането и изпълнението на проекти и програми по Европейските структурни фондове, Европейския социален фонд, Кохезионния фонд, Брюкселски и Норвежки механизми.

Successful projects have been developed for the Ministry of Education, the Employment Agency, the National Culture Fund, the Norway-Bulgaria Bilateral Development Fund and other institutions and representations. The company and its consultants hold ISO 9001:2008 certificates; ISO 14001:2004; OHSAS 18001:2007; PMP/IPMA for management and administration of European projects and programmes, as well as a license as an appraiser of real estate, assets, enterprises, machinery and equipment.

The team has many approved and successfully implemented projects. They cooperate with the Bulgarian Development Bank, insurance companies with a license to guarantee the implementation of winning projects, the Bulgarian Association of European Program Consultants, New Ideas Consult and others. The company's partners are both large companies and companies proven on the market in the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as municipalities, cross-border organizations and partners from Europe.

The company has references from numerous clients for successful cooperation. Their success in winning projects under various operational programs and schemes is a testament to their successful collaboration and partnership with past, present and future clients.

They guarantee professional development and submission of project proposals in the relevant platforms, such as ISUN, SUNI, STEM, and others proposed under the relevant priority axis. In parallel with this, when implementing the project proposal, they provide an advance for its implementation, properly report the implementation of intermediate and final stages and prepare all the necessary documentation. As consultants, they create conditions of peace throughout the process.

За връзка с фирма КиХ Груп Консултинг ЕООД, моля, използвайте контактните данни, които са посочени в горната част на този профил.