Perseus Ltd

EIK: 117608816

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Activity: Production activity, production of television and radio broadcasts, distribution of television and radio broadcasts, production of films, video and sound recordings, as well as other similar activities, publishing and printing activity, creation and sale of scenic - musical and artistic works, creation and broadcasting of radio and TB programs /after obtaining a license/, signal transmission, telecommunications activity /after obtaining a license/, trade in works of art, exhibition activity, organizing and conducting marketing and sociological surveys, professional training, stage lighting and sound , creation of software and multimedia products, organization of space, organization and conduct of promotions, organization of trade agreements and exhibitions, information, programming, impresario or provision of other services, transactions with intellectual property, restaurant, hotel and tourist services, trade in wholesale and retail, in commercial activity - import and export, production of goods with the aim of selling them, purchase of goods or other things with the aim of reselling them in their original, processed or processed form, commission, forwarding, warehousing, leasing activity, commercial representation and mediation of local and foreign individuals and legal entities, supply and distribution of Internet services, data transfer, creation and operation of computer game rooms and public access to the Internet.

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