INNETICA is a non-profit association that promotes cooperation between European entities and advocates for European values. INNETICA mainly focuses on three fields: - Education and Training: Development of European projects that facilitate innovation and the exchange of good practices. - Research, Development, Social and Cultural Innovation: The research and innovation activities carried out by INNETICA have as its centre the human being in any of its social and cultural environments. - ICT Applied to Education, Social and Cultural Innovation: INNETICA use all kinds of digital media available for didactic, health, cultural and well-being purposes. Based on these pillars, INNETICA provides the necessary infrastructures for a research and social innovation centre that brings together universities, public bodies, companies, training centres, as well as intellectuals, professionals and volunteers who contribute with their knowledge and experiences to the change and improvement in European societies.


Signing Banks - Promoting the financial literacy of people with hearing loss and deaf people

Signing Banks - Promoting Financial Inclusion of People with Disabilities