Media Deals UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Media Deals UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Media Deals is a pan-European investor network gathering business angels and early-stage venture capital funds focusing on Creative Industries and digital media. Since its creation in 2008, Media Deals has been promoting and encouraging early-stage equity investment in high-growth startup companies in the following fields/sectors:

  • Audiovisual - Film, TV, Video Games, Music and Distribution Platforms
  • Digital tools and services for creative sectors
  • Disruptive models bringing content and technology together
  • Cutting edge media technologies

Media Deals organises European Investment Forums in a range of European countries, providing opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors to meet up and discuss investment and partnership possibilities. The forums also provide the right environment for companies to brainstorm with entrepreneurs working in the creative industries and digital media sector from other European regions as well as to discuss investment and partnership possibilities with financiers specialised in the sector. Additionally, companies receive individual training from experts in the sector and are offered the chance to pitch to investors from the Media Deals network.

Media Deals is managing and consulting on European projects that foster the availability of financing to the ICT and creative industries, cross-border investments, and technology transfer from research to the market in Europe. Media Deals is also involved in pilot projects for upcoming ICT sectors improving entrepreneurial infrastructure and access to finance in Europe.