CBC – LABORLAB Development of an integrated and inclusive cross-border labor market


Duration: 4 May, 2017 – 3 May, 2019

Purpose of the project: To promote cross-border employment and mobility in a single "market" by creating a "CBC LABORLAB" Model

Target groups:

  • Citizens: low-skilled citizens, medium-skilled citizens, youth, disadvantaged people from the cross-border region
  • Companies: from the cross-border region of Romania and Bulgaria.
  • Public sector: policy makers at local and regional level.
  • Educational institutions.

Project sub-goal: To help young people navigate the labor market more successfully, thanks to the training programs and information campaigns involved in its implementation.


  • Labor market research in the cross-border region and structural analysis on future changes. Basic conclusions characterizing the current situation of the labor market in the Romanian-Bulgarian border area are drawn;
  • Development and delivery of joint special vocational training programs: Training 1 - Basic skills "Information and Communication Technologies", designed for individuals with basic skills and qualifications. Training 2 - Key skills "Entrepreneurship and building entrepreneurial skills" designed for individuals with intermediate skills and qualifications. Training 3 - Language skills "English language - elementary and economic level", intended for persons from vulnerable groups: single mothers, persons with disabilities, persons with minimum income Training 4 - Transversal skills "Application of the principles of equal opportunities of economic units", intended for persons from vulnerable groups.  
  • Making of CBC LABORLAB cluster, to support employment and labor mobility in the cross-border region. It will assist job seekers in the region by providing information on jobs, legal requirements, working conditions, etc.
  •  Strategic and information campaigns on job opportunities and labor mobility at cross-border level

Results: 23 types of initiatives that promote workforce mobility in the cross-border region; 4,720 participants in joint employment and training initiatives; 480 people with access to joint employment initiatives; Innovative model for labor market integration - CBC LABORLAB; 4 training programs with a "market approach"; CBC LABORLAB CLUSTER - legal support structure for market integration.