FINE2WORK – Насърчаване на финансови, дигитални и предприемачески компетенции за уязвими лица с ограничен достъп до пазара на труда

FINE2WORK - Promoting financial, digital and entrepreneurial competencies for vulnerable adults (women) with restricted access to the digitalised market (home-based)

FINE2WORK is a project under the Erasmus + program, which aims to: – Enable adults, and mainly women, to be integrated into the economy as employees or entrepreneurs on…

CE+: Развитие на капацитета на обучители в сферата на културата в дигиталната ера

CE+: Capacity development of cultural educators in the digital era

The project envisages to qualify at least 200 cultural trainers by September 2022 on one of the following topics: creating and sustaining collective impact in the field of culture, production and transfer of transcultural knowledge, working with new migrants and marginalized groups, new forms of community and international cooperation, integration of artistic and social work, digital education in the sector of creativity and culture.

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