Completed project

Cross Border Cooperation Fairs - CBC Fairs

Fairs for cross-border cooperation - CBC Fairs

Duration: 21 July, 2011 – 20 January, 2013

Project objective: To create a network of professional mobile fairs within cross border area which will improve the level of economic and human cooperation and which will prevent the economic and human divergence from this area.

Specific objectives:

  1. Support the cooperation between SMEs from the Romanian-Bulgarian cross border area;
  2. Improve availability and dissemination of information;
  3. Sustain the economic development.

Location: Cross-border eligible area Bulgaria-Romania


  • 4 specialized fairs: 1 on agriculture (Romania), 2 on construction (Romania and Bulgaria) and 1 on tourism (Bulgaria);
  • 4 Economic missions;
  • 8 Information seminars;
  • Trade and Fair Cross Border Magazine;
  • Fair catalog and Fair CDs;
  • Fair News.

Project partner(s):

  • CCMP Europroject Slatina, Romania (lead partner)
  • Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • CCI Vratsa

Project Donor(s): OP CBC Romania Bulgaria 2007-2013

Duration: 18 months


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