DESIRE - Digital Education for Social Innovation Reframed Entrepreneurship

DESIRE - Дигитално образование за социални иновации и предприемачество

ID: 2019-1-BG01-KA201-062839

Duration: 1 September, 2019 – 31 August, 2021

The overall goal of DESIRE is to improve the competences and skills of young people to take an active role within society and in building the social economy and to strengthen cooperation between school and business.

The project contributes directly to the priorities for the specific objectives of strengthening the profile of the teaching professions through actions supporting teachers to adopt collaborative and innovative practices, together with improving access to high quality early childhood education and care.

The project activities are in line with the area-specific priorities of the program to facilitate the transition between the different stages of learning by adapting the content of the learning materials to the specified age group (students aged 12-15 years).

The overall expected impact of the project is to improve the key competencies, skills and thinking of young people to take initiative and action to solve social problems, to become responsible citizens and to be active within society.