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FINE2WORK - Promoting financial, digital and entrepreneurial competencies for vulnerable adults (women) with restricted access to the digitalised market (home-based)

FINE2WORK - Promoting financial, digital and entrepreneurial competences for vulnerable persons with limited access to the labor market

ID: 2019-1-LV01-KA204-060337

Duration: 1 September, 2019 – 31 August, 2021

FINE2WORK is an Erasmus+ project that aims to:

– To enable adults, and mainly women, to be integrated into the economy as employees or entrepreneurs based on their needs and abilities.
– Providing high-quality learning opportunities for adults to improve their digital and financial competences, while acquiring new key competences such as entrepreneurial skills in an effort to support social inclusion, access and participation in the labor market and society
– Support to create your own business model at home or to work remotely as employees.
– Facilitating access to an upskilling program by designing a skills identification and screening tool, providing a training program adapted to the learning needs of the target group and validating those skills acquired through non-formal learning

The main target group are adults (especially women who cannot find full-time work for family reasons, adults with health problems or some form of disability, senior citizens or the unemployed who want to re-enter the labor market, working at flexible terms

The project was developed by a consortium of four partners: the leading partner of the project is the NGO Project Net from Latvia, partner organizations are the Emphasys Center from Cyprus, the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry from Bulgaria and the NGO Descularte from Portugal.


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