Completed project

Innovative Online Projects Concept - ProConcept

Concept for innovative online projects - ProConcept

Duration: 30 June, 2010 – 12 December, 2011

Project objective: To improve availability and dissemination of information throughout an IT concept which will allow projects ideas development and access to special tailored information concerning programs, projects and partners from the cross-border area; to sustain the economic development and to identify the best opportunities concerning the development of viable partnership throughout the potential applicants from cross-border area; social and cultural coherence strengthened by cooperative action between people and community, between community and organizations and governmental and nongovernmental institutions inside and outside cross-border area.

Location: cross-border eligible area


  • ProConcept IT platform;
  • Database with organizations, institutions, NGOs and people;
  • 12 Information seminars;
  • 8 training sessions;
  • Information materials (leaflets, brochures), promotional materials;
  • 2 press conferences.

Project partner(s):

  • CCMP Europroject Slatina, Romania (lead partner)
  • Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • CCI Vratsa

Project Donor(s): OP CBC Romania Bulgaria 2007-2013

Duration: 18 months


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