Romanian-Bulgarian Services Centre for Microsystems and Nanotechnology - MicroNanoTech

Romanian-Bulgarian service center for microsystems and nanotechnologies - MicroNanoTech

Duration: 1 May, 2013 – 30 October, 2014

Project Objectives:

  • To create and develop of a Romanian – Bulgarian High-Tech Service Centre for Microsystems and Nanotechnologies (RO-BG MicroNanoTech), based on the cooperation of universities, research institutes and SMEs in the RO-BG cross-border area.
  • To promote the development of MNTech field in RO-BG cross-border area.
  • To elaborate a Joint Programme of Activities for the co-operation between universities, research institutes and SMEs in the MNTech field.

Project results:

  • Romanian-Bulgarian Service Center for Microsystems and Nanotechnologies;
  • Databases on human and material resources and results obtained in microsystems in RO-BG cross-border area;
  • 2 InfoPoint centers – one in Bulgaria and one in Romania;
  • 3 Scientific, technical events(Workshops on various themes, Seminars, Brokerage events) and 3 info events;
  • Participations to joint proposals of research projects;
  • Proposal for Master degree Engineering programs.

Target Group:

  • SMEs from the RO-BG crossborder area that are active in microsystem industry - those involved in designing / manufacturing / testing microsystems and those that are using microsystems and nanotechnologies in various applications;
  • Research groups from institutes and universities located in RO-BG crossborder area and focused on research activities about microsystems;
  • Teaching groups from the RO-BG cross-border area that are delivering training courses on microsystems.

Lead Partner:

National Institute for Research and Development for Microtechnology – IMT-Bucharest.

Project partners:

Ruse University “Angel Kanchev”; Calaraşi Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture; Giurgiu Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture; The Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Project Donor(s): OP CBC Romania Bulgaria 2007-2013

Duration: 18 months.