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Young Entrepreneurs Support for Cross - Border Business Cooperation - YES FOR CBBC

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Duration: 7 August, 2008 – 6 November, 2009

Project objective: To promote and support the durable economic development of the cross-border area (county of Olt, the regions Ruse and Vratsa), through improvement and increment of the cross-border cooperation at an enterprise level. The specific object of the project is to support and consolidate forces of young entrepreneurs from the cross-border region; to foster their cooperation in order to identify cross-border initiatives through maximizing information access and establishing and developing partnerships between the two regions. One of the important results is the common data base of experts who offer assistance and consultancy to new developing companies or to young entrepreneurs in order to develop and improve their management qualities. This serves as a web instrument which assures a permanent link between the cross-border entrepreneurs.

Location: Cross-border eligible area

Results: 1 Association of Young Entrepreneurs from cross-border region established; 3 local offices open of this association; Conducted research and report regarding the enterprising and innovation among the young entrepreneurs; 300 young entrepreneurs participated in the project events; 1 experts data base developed;

Project partner(s):

  • CCMP Europroject (lead partner)
  • Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Vratsa
  • Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • YEAR SWO – Young Entrepreneurs Association from South West Oltenia region

Project Donor(s): PHARE RO2006/018-445.01.02.10


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Vratsa Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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