Analysis of Industrial Productivity and Employment in Ruse

Analysis of Industrial Productivity and Employment in Ruse

According to data published by Georgi Stoev and Vesislav Iliev from Capital newspaper and calculated by Trakia Tech based on KAPI database, Ruse shows mixed results in various areas of industry.

Industrial productivity in Ruse is 83.9, which places it in fifth place among other large cities and regions in Bulgaria. Although this is below the national average, it means that industry in Ruse still plays a significant role in the city's economy.

When we look at the mechatronics and automotive sectors, two of the key sectors for industrial employment in Bulgaria, Rousse does well with 28.0% of total industrial employment. Although this is lower compared to some other areas, such as Sofia Region and Stara Zagora, Ruse still remains ahead of Varna and Burgas on this indicator.

Regarding the share of industry in regional employment, Ruse again performs well with 36.7% of industrial jobs in 2021. This shows that the city has a solid base of industrial employment that can support economic growth and development.

According to calculations by Georgi Stoev, Vesislav Iliev and Trakia Tech, productivity growth in Ruse over the past five years is 11.0%, while labor costs have increased by 10.0%. This shows that in Rousse there is a healthy balance between productivity growth and wage growth, which is a positive sign for the long-term sustainability of the economy.

However, that doesn't mean there isn't room for improvement. According to the authors, workers employed in relatively low-performing companies can be used as a factor to attract new investors. This could improve overall productivity in Rousse and create a stronger and more sustainable economy.

In conclusion, Ruse shows solid results in various areas of industry and employment, but there is still room for improvement and growth.

To read the full article, click here. Authors: Georgi Stoev, Vesislav Iliev, Trakia Tech, Capital newspaper.

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