Марката като конкурентно предимство: създаване и управление на марка, която се отличава от конкуренцията

Brand as a competitive advantage: creating and managing a brand that differentiates itself from the competition

Want to stand out in a competitive market? Find out how to create and manage a brand that sets you apart. From identifying the unique value proposition, to creating a memorable brand identity, to adaptive customer interaction and strategic analysis, learn the key steps to creating a competitive advantage through effective branding. Join the discussion and use our expert advice to achieve business success.

Стратегическо планиране в маркетинга: ключовите стъпки за успех

Strategic Planning in Marketing: The Key Steps to Success

In our new article, we look at how the right strategic marketing planning can transform your organization. Whether you're new to business or have an established company, learn how to analyze your current situation, how to set clear and measurable goals, and how to develop and execute an effective marketing plan. Read the full text to find out how strategic marketing decisions can help your organization achieve long-term success.

6-тият конкурс за иновации и предприемачество в Дзинан, Китай, търси стартъпи!

The 6th Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition in Jinan, China is looking for startups!

The Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pleased to present the 6th competition in Jinan, China, focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. With the support of local institutions, the competition aims to attract global talents to contribute to the development of the city and its key industries and support the construction of a modern socialist capital.

Ускоряване на цифровата трансформация в МСП: Въведение в 5 ключови технологии

Accelerating Digital Transformation in SMEs: An Introduction to 5 Key Technologies

In the dynamic business world, digital transformation is a mandatory process, especially for SMEs that strive to be competitive. The article examines five key technologies that can accelerate this transition and help SMEs thrive in the new era. In Ruse, a major economic hub, artificial intelligence (AI) has been recognized as a key tool for increasing the competitiveness of local SMEs.

Технологичните иновации като катализатор за трансформация на бизнес процесите на МСП

Technological innovation as a catalyst for transformation of SME business processes

In an era of continuous digitalization, technological innovations are becoming a key factor for the business success of small and medium-sized enterprises in Ruse. From automating tasks and optimizing operations to personalizing the user experience and leveraging artificial intelligence, find out how SMEs can use new technologies to modernize their business, increase their competitiveness and meet dynamic consumer expectations.

Киберсигурността като ключов фактор за защита на бизнеса в регион Русе

Cyber security as a key factor for business protection in the Ruse region

In the new article, we look at cyber security in the Ruse region, emphasizing the specific threats facing local businesses. From intellectual property, through online commercial transactions, to logistics systems – learn how to protect your business and how the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry supports initiatives for greater cyber security in the region. Read our specific recommendations and steps to achieve effective and reliable cyber protection!

Зелени технологии: Подобряване на ефективността и устойчивостта на МСП

Green technologies: Improving the efficiency and sustainability of SMEs

Green technologies are the key to the future of sustainable business in Ruse. From energy saving and recycling to sustainable sourcing and innovation, the Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry plays a leading role in educating and supporting local small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Learn more about how we can transform your business processes, reduce harmful emissions and lay the foundations for Ruse's sustainable future!

Повишаване на продуктивността в МСП чрез разширена реалност (XR)

Improving productivity in SMEs through augmented reality (XR)

In this analysis, we look at the potential of augmented reality (XR) in Rousse and how it can bring real changes in areas such as commerce, industry, logistics and even hospitality and catering. From warehouse optimization to 3D visualization of construction projects, XR opens doors to innovation and growth in the region. Learn more about how Rousse can benefit from these modern technologies and how they intertwine with the traditional industrial profile of the city.

Превъзходствата на квантовите компютри за българските МСП

The advantages of quantum computers for Bulgarian SMEs

With the rise of quantum computing as the next big breakthrough in information technology, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face an important challenge. This publication examines the potential of quantum computers, how they work and how they can help Bulgarian SMEs to optimize their operations, analyze large volumes of data more efficiently and improve the security of their information systems.

Участие в Европейско икономическо проучване 2024 – Покана от Русенската търговско-индустриална камара

Participation in the European Economic Survey 2024 - Invitation from the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, started participation in the 31st edition of the European Economic Survey. This is a key initiative that analyzes the business climate in Europe and gives companies from the region the opportunity to express their expectations and predictions for the year 2024. The study contributes to the positioning of Ruse and Bulgaria on the economic map of Europe. Your opinion is important!

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