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The leading ESG experts from denkstatt train Ruse businesses in partnership with RTIK

On 12.12.2023, Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RTIK) in cooperation with denkstatt Bulgaria held a key seminar on "Integrating ESG in company management". The event, organized in the RTIC conference hall, was aimed at educating local businesses on the importance and implementation of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance Standards) in the business environment.

denkstatt Group, a leading sustainable development consultancy in Europe, with its extensive experience in ESG, decarbonisation and environmental management, brought its expertise to the workshop. With offices in five European countries, the company provides important guidance and support to businesses striving for sustainable development.

The contribution of the Bulgarian division of denkstatt, which stands out as the most experienced company in ESG consulting in Bulgaria, is particularly significant. The presence of denkstatt on the Bulgarian market for 16 years and the experience of its team of nearly 30 people are of key importance in assisting local industries in adapting to the changes and upcoming requirements of European regulations and investors' expectations.

The representatives of denkstatt Boyan Rashev and Denislav Borisov took an in-depth look at ESG standards, CSRD and the EU Taxonomy. They highlighted the importance of these frameworks for corporate governance and reporting, with particular attention paid to the process of creating ESG reports – from resource requirements to the time it takes to prepare them.

In addition, it was discussed how the EU taxonomy contributes to additional financing opportunities for companies that comply with CSRD requirements and actively report their sustainable activities, highlighting the importance of these practices for continuing a successful business even in the presence of additional bureaucratic tasks.

The seminar demonstrated RTIK's commitment to support local businesses in their development and implementation of sustainable practices. The participation of representatives from the RTIC business network highlighted the importance of the seminar as a platform for learning, exchanging ideas and creating networking connections.

The event "Integrating ESG into the management of the company" was an important step in supporting the sustainable development of Ruse business. RTIK and denkstatt have shown their leadership in providing knowledge and tools that help companies adapt to modern sustainable practices and regulations.

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