Method of payment for the purchase What are the preferences and attitudes of the Bulgarians

Method of payment for the purchase: What are the preferences and attitudes of the Bulgarians?

The payment method is a key element in the online shopping process and can significantly influence consumer behavior. In Bulgaria, preferences and attitudes towards different payment methods vary depending on a number of factors, including age, social group and technological literacy. In this article, we will look at how Bulgarians prefer to pay for their online purchases and what their attitudes are towards different payment methods.

Preferred payment methods

  • Cash on Delivery
    Cash on delivery remains one of the most preferred payment methods for online shopping in Bulgaria. Many users prefer this method because it gives them the opportunity to check the product before paying. This creates a sense of security and reduces the risk of fraud.
  • Credit and debit cards
    Payment by credit and debit cards is also widespread. Many online stores offer secure payment platforms that protect users' data. This method is convenient and fast, especially for younger users and those who are used to digital payments.
  • Electronic wallets and mobile applications
    With the increasing popularity of mobile devices, more and more users are starting to use e-wallets and mobile applications such as PayPal, Revolut and others. These methods offer added security and convenience, especially for international purchases.
  • Bank transfers
    Bank transfers are preferred by consumers who make larger purchases or those who require additional security. This method is slower compared to the others but is useful for high value transactions.
  • Payment with cryptocurrencies
    Although still not that popular, paying with cryptocurrencies is gaining momentum, especially among tech-savvy consumers. This method offers a high degree of anonymity and low transaction fees.

Attitudes towards payment methods

  • Security and trust
    Security remains a top priority for Bulgarian users when choosing a payment method. Many users are worried about fraud and data theft, so they prefer methods that provide them with additional protection.
  • Convenience and speed
    The convenience and speed of the transaction are also important factors. Users are looking for methods that are easy to use and do not require much time or effort. Mobile payments and e-wallets are ideal in this regard.
  • Costs and fees
    Fees associated with different payment methods also influence consumer preferences. Methods with lower or no fees are more attractive, especially to consumers who make smaller, more frequent purchases.


The preferences and attitudes of Bulgarian consumers towards payment methods for online shopping are diverse and depend on many factors. Cash on delivery remains popular, but with the growing use of digital technology and electronic payments, other methods such as card payments and mobile apps are also becoming more common.

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