Main barriers to online shopping in Bulgaria: Obstacles and how to overcome them

Main barriers to online shopping in Bulgaria: Obstacles and how to overcome them

Online shopping in Bulgaria is gaining more and more popularity, but despite this, many consumers still encounter various barriers and concerns that prevent them from actively participating in e-commerce. In this article, we'll look at the most common roadblocks users face and offer strategies to overcome them.

The most common barriers to online shopping

  • Lack of trust
    One of the main barriers to online shopping is the lack of trust in e-shops. Consumers often worry about fraud, poor quality products and inadequate service. They want assurances that they will get what they ordered and that their personal data will be protected.
  • Complicated return and complaint procedures
    Many consumers complain about complicated and time-consuming procedures for product returns and complaints. The lack of clear information about the process and costs associated with returning goods further deters consumers from online purchases.
  • High shipping costs
    Shipping costs are often a determining factor in the purchasing decision. High shipping prices or a lack of free shipping options can turn potential customers away. Consumers are looking for favorable and flexible delivery terms.
  • Lack of physical contact with the product
    One of the main obstacles to online shopping is the inability to see and touch the product before purchase. This is especially true for products such as clothing, shoes and furniture, where consumers want to be sure of quality and size.
  • Technical problems and awkward interfaces
    Technical problems, slow websites, and awkward interfaces can make it very difficult for consumers to shop online. Poorly optimized platforms and complex ordering processes lead to dissatisfaction and abandonment.

How do we overcome these barriers?

  • Build trust
    Invest in building consumer trust. Offer clear and detailed product descriptions as well as real customer reviews. Use secure payment methods and protect personal data. Guarantee product quality and offer good customer support.
  • Facilitate return and claim procedures
    Make the return and claim process easy and transparent. Provide clear information about return conditions and costs. Offer free returns or the option to return to brick-and-mortar stores if possible.
  • Offer favorable delivery terms
    Explore opportunities to reduce shipping costs. Offer free shipping on orders over a certain value or periodic promotions with free shipping. Cooperate with reliable courier companies to ensure fast and safe delivery.
  • Provide more product information and options
    Provide detailed product descriptions, photos and videos. Include information about dimensions, materials and features. If possible, offer virtual samples or tools to visualize the products.
  • Improve user interface
    Invest in the optimization of your website and mobile applications. Make sure the platform is easy to navigate, fast and secure. Offer convenient product search and filtering options, as well as an easy ordering and payment process.


Overcoming barriers to online shopping is key to the success of e-commerce in Bulgaria. By understanding consumer challenges and needs, businesses can adapt and offer better services that increase customer trust and satisfaction.

The Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RTIK) actively supports local businesses in their efforts to overcome these barriers and take advantage of the opportunities of online shopping. For more information and a detailed analysis of online consumption in Bulgaria, you can read the report "The pulse of online consumption in Bulgaria 2024".

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