PG in Industrial Technologies is celebrating its 100th anniversary

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November 6th marks the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the "Atanas Ts. Burov" Industrial Technology Research Group.

The high school will celebrate its 100th anniversary on November 6 at 5:30 p.m. in the Income Building.

PG in Industrial Technologies is a direct successor of the first Chirash School in Ruse, established by the decision of the Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry, whose chairman at the time was Atanas Ts. Burov - a prominent politician, banker and public figure. During this period, Atanas Ts. Burov took an active part in many economic initiatives, engaged in charity work, helped the economic and cultural development not only of the city of Ruse, but also of the whole of Bulgaria. With his far-sighted look into the future, he realized the need to create a school that would meet the needs of Ruse for the so-called "modern crafts" at the time - tailoring, tailoring, shoemaking, ironwork. At that time, young men and women from all over North-Eastern Bulgaria studied in the school.

In 1948, the school was transformed and the first factory school in Bulgaria was established. Over the years, its name has changed many times, but its profile has been preserved - specialists are trained for the needs of industry, energy and mechanical engineering.

In 1997, the school restored its name "Atanas Ts. Burov", which was taken away after 09.09.1944.

Since 2003, it has been the Professional High School of Industrial Technologies "Atanas Ts. Burov". At the moment, graduates of the school have the opportunity to study under a dual education system in the following specialties:

  • "Industrial aesthetics and design"
  • "Machines and systems with CNC"
  • "Welding machines and equipment"
  • "Welding"
  • "Measuring and Organizational Technique"
  • "Word Processing"
  • "Industrial Design"
  • "Heat engineering"

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