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Checking news and information in the digital age

In today's digital world, where any information is just a click away, fact-checking and truthfulness of news is of critical importance. This is particularly important in economic environments where inaccurate information can lead to significant financial losses and market destabilization. The problems with fake news and timely fact-checking have existed since the Internet and social networks existed, but the effects on Bulgaria and the world have been particularly acute in recent years.

The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic consequences

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to the global economy. At the beginning of the crisis, the lack of accurate information led to mass stock market panics, sharp declines in asset prices and severe economic losses. Governments and businesses have had to adapt quickly to new conditions, relying on accurate and timely information to make critical decisions about restrictions, vaccinations and economic incentives. In this context, fact-checking platforms have played a key role in identifying and removing fake news and disinformation related to the pandemic.

Geopolitical tensions and their economic effect

Geopolitical tensions, such as those between Russia and Ukraine, have a direct impact on the global economy. Sanctions imposed by the European Union and the United States have caused significant changes in trade flows, energy markets and exchange rates. In such a complex environment, the availability of accurate and reliable information is essential for companies operating in international markets. Fake news and misinformation can lead to incorrect investment decisions and serious financial losses.

The economic policy of the European Union

The European Union (EU) continues to develop and implement complex economic policies aimed at stimulating growth, innovation and sustainability. However, these policies are often subject to misinformation and manipulation that can undermine public and business confidence. For example, the European Green Deal, which aims to make Europe the first climate-neutral continent by 2050, is accompanied by numerous false claims about its economic and social impacts. In this context, fact-checking is critical to properly understanding and implementing these policies.

The hybrid war against the introduction of the European single currency in Bulgaria

One of the most current examples of the importance of accurate information is the hybrid war directed against the introduction of the European single currency (Euro) in Bulgaria. Opponents of this step are using misinformation and fake news to instill fear and uncertainty among the public. Meanwhile, BNB warns, that the Bulgarian business is losing billions due to the postponement of the introduction of the single currency. They are already underway and public discussions on the bill to introduce the euro, which may also suffer from the negative campaigns.

In the context of questionable information flooding us from all sides, fact-checking platforms play a key role in maintaining the credibility of news and protecting economic stability.

The Bulgarian portal

In Bulgaria, the information verification portal plays an important role in combating disinformation. The platform now also works closely with Meta (Facebook), which allows the efficient distribution of verified information and the flagging of fake news. This partnership not only increases the credibility of news on social networks, but also helps inform the general public about the veracity of current events and news.

France Presse's international fact-checking portal

Internationally, the information verification portal FactCheck, maintained by Agence France Presse (AFP), is the leading source of verified information. This platform provides a global perspective and access to verified news from different parts of the world. In cooperation with other international media organizations, AFP manages to provide accurate and reliable information that is essential for business and economic analysis. The importance of accurate information in the complex political and economic environment.

There are numerous fact-checking platforms that help fight misinformation and fake news. Here are some of the most famous:

1. Snopes

  • Site: Snopes
  • Description: One of the oldest and most respected fact-checking websites. Founded in 1994, Snopes specializes in fact-checking urban legends, rumors and miscellaneous news.

2. PolitiFact

  • Site: PolitiFact
  • Description: A platform run by the Poynter Institute that focuses on fact-checking politicians' speeches and political claims. Their "Truth-O-Meter" rates the accuracy of claims.


  • Site:
  • Description: A non-governmental organization that verifies the claims of American politicians, news and advertising campaigns. The project was created by the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania.


  • Site:
  • Description: A platform that verifies the truth of various claims, rumours, viral emails and social media posts.

5. Full Fact

  • Site: Full Fact
  • Description: An independent UK fact-checking organization that checks politicians' statements, media publications and online misinformation.

6. Lead Stories

  • Site: Lead Stories
  • Description: A platform that uses technology and human verification to identify and expose fake news and disinformation on social networks and the Internet.

7. Check Your Fact

  • Site: Check Your Fact
  • Description: A platform related to the Daily Caller that verifies various news and claims, with a special emphasis on political speech.

8. The Washington Post Fact Checker

  • Site: The Washington Post Fact Checker
  • Description: A section of The Washington Post that verifies claims made by politicians and rates their veracity using a "Pinocchio" system.

9. Reuters Fact Check

  • Site: Reuters Fact Check
  • Description: A fact-checking platform operated by the Reuters news agency that verifies various news and claims from around the world.

10. BBC Reality Check

  • Site: BBC Reality Check
  • Description: The British media organization BBC offers a platform for fact-checking and analysis of news and political statements.

11. Africa Check

  • Site: Africa Check
  • Description: Africa's first independent fact-checking platform that verifies the speeches of politicians, media publications and other sources of information on the continent.

In conclusion, verification of news and information is a critical component in today's digital world. It plays a crucial role in maintaining economic stability and making informed decisions in the complex political and economic environment in which we find ourselves. A small but reliable lifeline in a sea of misinformation are fact-checking platforms – not only for making adequate business decisions, but also for checking topical issues that concern everyone in society.

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