Progress and new opportunities within the GEOLAND project Invitation to active participation in landscape conservation

Progress and new opportunities within the GEOLAND project: An invitation for active participation in landscape conservation

We are pleased to announce that the project GEOLAND takes sure steps in fulfilling his goals. It is now available and the technical manual In addition to the educational handbook, which we mentioned to you in our last newsletter. We can also boast of another achievement, namely: GEOLAND on the online GIS platform, which is now ready and available for testing. We invite you to look at it and test it with your students and pupils.

In the fourth issue of the newsletter, you will learn more about new policies in the field of environmental and landscape protection, such as the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, digital tools to support the landscape, as well as other interesting topics related to the protection of landscape and NATURA 2000.

We take this opportunity to once again invite you to participate in the testing of the manual and the specialized platform GEOLAND, which will allow a large number of interested persons, including experts, students, teachers and even amateurs, to contribute to the preservation and improvement of the Bulgarian and European landscape. If you wish to become part of this initiative on your own, with your pupils or students, please contact us to give you completely free access to the platform, as well as guidance on how to work with it.

The results entered into the platform will be used to create a series of policy recommendations that will be submitted to the relevant regional, national and European authorities in order to address current and possible future problems related to the European landscape as a whole. By getting involved, you can contribute to this as well as give voice to otherwise neglected topics and issues in this regard.

We hope you will join in GEOLAND the initiative and together help to realize a more favorable future in the sphere of the protection of the Bulgarian landscape for everyone.

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