A road map will promote interaction between businesses and the Municipality of Ruse

A road map for promoting interaction between business and local administration in the municipality of Ruse is the result of the project "Promoting partnership management in the field of local economic development and improving the investment environment", financed by the Operational Program "Good Governance" 2014-2022 and implemented by Bulgarian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Ruse Municipality.

The document was created after researching and evaluating the key factors that influence business-local government partnership opportunities, including development policy, municipality size, geographic location, population characteristics, national priorities and local development policies, partnership scope and cooperation between local government and business and the regulations that directly affect it.

Based on a survey of business opinion on the availability of dialogue, the degree of interaction and partnership with local government in terms of local economic development, feedback was provided on opportunities and mechanisms to improve dialogue between stakeholders.

The Roadmap was created using the results of the conducted survey and interviews with company representatives, as well as the study of the currently existing opportunities for partnerships between the Municipality and business.

The activities in the Roadmap are scheduled within a year, and the purpose of their implementation is to improve cooperation between the two sectors.

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