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Seminar "Innovative Business Stories: How to find innovative business solutions using Lean, Theory of Constraints and TRIZ"

Are you paying a lot for overtime? Most on Saturdays? Did you know that you can save it? Most of the companies we have analyzed operate at an efficiency below 40%. You must be thinking that yours isn't like that right?

The truth is that mass companies have a huge hidden capacity that they can realize in increasing profits. To help you more successfully harness and exploit this capacity of yours, our partners at Improvinn invite you to the workshop "Innovative Business Stories: How to Find Innovative Business Solutions Using Lean, Theory of Constraints and TRIZ", which will be held on November 9 and 10 in Sofia.

The training is based on 6 real projects of Improvinn for improvements in different companies and a proprietary system through which symptoms in the company's work are collected, analyzed and finally a solution is created that eliminates all problems without creating new ones.

For this purpose, TRIZ (Theory for innovative task solving), Lean and Theory of Constraints have been used for nearly 9 years. In this training, Vladi Velikov from Improvinn will show you all the way from collecting symptoms (problems), getting stuck and "this can't be fixed" to looking for the causes, finding the root problems, creating an innovative solution, implementing the solution, implementation issues and reporting of results. Specific real case studies with a successful end will also be considered, such as:

  1. Increase in finished goods for the production of Nike sports socks with 35% and BGN 0. investment.
  2. Increasing the productivity of the "Ironing" workshop with the 25%. [Delta Textile].
  3. Increasing the productivity of the "Packaging" workshop with 20%. [Delta Textile].
  4. Increase customer service productivity with simple email requests.
  5. How to do effective process synthesis and analysis in a mining company.
  6. How the finished product is increased with 20% in cable production.

You will learn more about and how you can:

  1. Process synthesis and analysis.
  2. Collection of symptoms.
  3. Establishing cause and effect relationships.
  4. Finding the root problems.
  5. Creating an innovative solution to eliminate all symptoms
  6. without causing harm in other departments.
  7. How to use systems thinking.

There will also be a practical exercise based on your examples.

The training will take place in the following order:

Day 1

  1. Getting to know the methods used.
  2. Sharing real business stories.
  3. A practical task through which you will be able to apply what you have learned on the first day.

Day 2

  1. Getting to know the methods used.
  2. Sharing real business stories.
  3. Describing the Algorithm for Business Improvements.

The training is for two days: November 9 and 10 in the city of Sofia. The price for one participant is BGN 500 excluding VAT.

For registration and additional information, you can contact Vladi Velikov from Improvinn on phone 0885833629 or email velikov@improvinn.com.

If you wish to see already successfully completed projects from Improvinn, you can do so via the following link: https://improvinn.com/Improvinn_Presentation.pdf.

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