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Regional Development Agency Backa (RDA Backa), Novi Sad, Province of Vojvodina, is accredited development agency by National Agency for Regional Development, and therefore it is given the status of Regional Development Subject. This role enables the development agency to influence local economic strengthening in Bačka region which accounts nearby 1,0 million citizens, by carrying out certain measures and incentives. RDA Backa is a part of the European Commission Operative Grant until 2014, and therefore the European Commission has recognized the necessity of existence and work of such an institution in the years to come.

RDA Backa has twenty members from Bačka region, of which sixteen are local-self-governments, two are companies and two are CSO. The scope of the RDA Backa work and key program areas are: SMEs, local and regional development, tourism, agriculture and rural development, energy efficiency etc. RDA Backa has huge experience in project management and implementation, particularly in projects that are funded through EU programme and international donors. RDA Backa has 11 employees and cooperate with more than 20 external experts/companies from different areas.


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