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STIVAKO is, since 1941, the Vocational Education Training-institute for management, marketing and leadership in the print media and creative industries in the Netherlands. STIVAKO provides training in management, entrepreneurial education, marketing & sales and personal development. STIVAKO focus on those already working within a company and want to develop within it to a staff or member of the management within a company. STIVAKO has many years of experience in developing learning materials for learning environments in both companies and VET institutes active in the creative industry. STIVAKO has participated in several European, national and regional projects, both as participant and as project coordinator.


COL-CREATION - Strengthening collaboration in the creative industry through the methods of the shared economy

COL-CREATION - Enhancing Co-Creation and Collaboration in the Creative Industry through Sharing Economy

Responsible Research and Innovation tools (RRI tools)

Responsible Research and Innovation tools (RRI tools)