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Ecotips 2.0 "Enabling small business to reduce its environmental footprint"

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ID: 2010-1-BG1-LEO05-03089

Project objective: Ecotips 2.0 is a project designed to transfer an innovative and attractive VET system in conformity with the current need for enhancing the competitiveness of micro businesses and an increasing demand for persons (entrepreneurs, managers, specialists) with vocational training and practical experience who are able to work with environmental issues in SMEs. This will be achieved through the adaptation and further development existing VET tools. The project will test the adapted toolkit and will make provisions for its multiplication within and beyond the present target group. The major outcome of the project is the adaptation of an innovative, online VET package (EcoTips 2.0), from Belgium to organizations from Bulgaria, Estonia, and Slovenia. The project’s activities will reach out to 400 SMEs from 8 economic sectors.

Results: The results of the project will provide the target group with an attractive, easy to understand, IT-based training material. A total of 60 trained consultants in Belgium, Slovenia, Estonia and Bulgaria will help reduce the ecological footprint of 400 companies and will contribute to national and EU priorities related to VET and environmental sustainability in the community’s pursuit towards a greener economy.

Location: Belgium, Estonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria

Project partner(s):

  • TIME Foundation (lead partner)
  • Group One (G1)
  • Eco-Conseil Entreprise scrl
  • Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Notranjska Ecological Center
  • Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre – SEI Tallin

Project Donor(s): LEONARDO DA VINCI programme, Transfer of innovation

Duration: 24 months


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Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Center SA

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Eco-Conseil Entreprise scrl

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