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The TIME Foundation primarily works at the national level and actively participates in various projects and initiatives at the European and international level. The foundation's mission is to support sustainable development, effective management and use of natural resources, and environmental protection through coordinating the efforts of all public sectors and democratic decision-making.

The strategic goals of the TIME Foundation are:

  • To increase public awareness of sustainable development (SD) approaches;
  • To increase the participation of the public in decision-making processes related to SD at all levels;
  • To support national and local authorities in the development of SD policies including the development of local environmental action plans and Local Agenda 21;
  • To support coordination and communication between stakeholders at international, national and local levels;
  • To protect the human right to a clean and healthy environment at international, national and local levels;
  • To accumulate financial resources to support various groups in the field of EO and UR;
  • To support organizations to carry out their activities in an environmentally friendly manner.


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Ecotips 2.0 "Enabling small business to reduce its environmental footprint"

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Capacity Building for NGO-Business Partnerships

Support for promoting the Environmental Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) in Bulgaria

Support for The Promotion of The Environmental Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) in Bulgaria