Green Change Agents

Green Change Agents

ID: 2022/hlqmnib4xzwg

Duration: 1 April, 2023 – 31 March, 2024

Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry sees the future of the region through the lens of innovation and new ideas, the effective dialogue between the private and public sectors, as well as the building of a modern entrepreneurial culture. Looking to the future, the focus of RCCI's activity falls on the transfer of knowledge, the building of effective partnerships, and the exchange of international experience, all of which contribute to the prosperity of business and society.

The project "Green Change Agents" is in line with the objectives of RCCI, namely supporting the local business environment by promoting innovation and training, as well as providing an opportunity for better integration into the labor market. By participating in this project, the Chamber will be able to directly benefit a large number of local stakeholders, contributing to the innovative development of both companies and individuals. In addition, RCCI will be able to offer individual sustainable green innovation solutions to a wider range of its members.

Based on previous experience, the main challenge for the implementation of new ideas, ways of working, products, and services is the active participation and capacity for implementation in the companies themselves. A large number of companies in the Ruse region admit that they are ready to introduce green practices and integrate green solutions into their way of working, but this requires team dedication and specific knowledge, which is often lacking.

The project "Green Change Agents" aims to convey precisely such knowledge and competences to employees in small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), as well as to support the development of a professional profile "ambassador of green change" - a professional who leads and directs the whole team towards achieving greener solutions to be included in their daily work. The project will implement key green practices in the Ruse region through knowledge transfer from Norway, with an emphasis on upskilling to support SMEs.

In order to achieve all this, the project will also focus on the following goals:

  • To increase RCCI's capacity to support green change among its members;
  • To inspire SMEs to introduce green change ambassadors by providing them with the necessary knowledge of green innovation and the skills to implement it;
  • To ensure sustainability of results and promote green transformation;
  • To establish permanent cooperation between SMEs from Bulgaria and Norway.

The project "Ambassadors of Green Change" is funded by the Norwegian Financial Mechanism and implemented in partnership with Prios Kompetanse, Norway.


Prios Kompetans

Prios Kompetans

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