RetRail - New Trends in Retail Commerce

RetRail - New Trends in Retail

ID: 2021-1-ES01-KA220-VET-000033104

Duration: 1 November, 2021 – 31 October, 2023

The project aims to introduce retail SMEs to the world of digital business innovation, helping them to keep up with their larger counterparts and increase their sales. The expected result and impact of the target groups are:

  • Retail SME owners, managers and trainers will be up-to-date with the most important innovations in the sector and motivated to implement them in their respective businesses.
  • Retail SMB employees will have a higher level of digital and on-premise tools, methods and innovation.
  • Teachers and VET institutions will have an innovative new curriculum at their disposal, which will be a hybrid of digital learning and on-site retail training, equipping learners with all the new skills the sector requires.
  • Retail SMEs will survive the devastating effects of the pandemic by continuing to generate revenue.
  • Digital upskilling of these SMEs.
  • Upskilling of SME employees for both digital and on-site tasks.
  • Customers will get a better digital and on-site shopping experience.
  • VET institutions and trainers will incorporate the project's innovative approach into their curricula, bridging the digital skills gap between SMEs and corporations.

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