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University Science and SMEs in Ruse Region (USSMERR)

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Duration: 1 June, 2005 – 1 January, 2006

Project objective:
To bring the researchers of Ruse University closer to the business and socio-economic reality of the region: SMEs and their managers on one hand, students, citizens and studying and presenting the SME needs in terms of innovative ways to solve technological problems by using the local scientific potential in order to better match the scientific potential and the scientific needs for economic growth in the region, on the other hand. This will also lead to involving students in real life projects that will help them create contacts with local SME managers and become their employees after graduating the University. A large audience of citizens of various ages will be involved in the discussions foreseen during the implementation of the project: starting with school students, then University students and professors, company managers.

A special attention in the discussions is given to the e-learning as an innovative form for improving the capacity and qualification of the SMEs’ staff. A Business& Science Club will be established to encourage the academic people and company managers to match and work together. Special attention will be given to the work with the journalists in order to catch their interest on the existing problems and also to make them promote the good practices.

Location: Ruse


  • Implementation of e-learning as innovative form for improvement the capacity and qualification of the SMEs’ staff
  • Establishment of Business Science Club for encouragement of people from the academic field and company’s managers in cooperation

Project partner(s):

  • Ruse Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Lead Partner)
  • RU "Angel Kanchev" and Regional Youth Center (Associated partners)

Project Donor(s):
FP6-2004-Mobility 13- SSA of the European Commission


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