We present the essay that won second prize in the RTIK competition

We present the essay that won second prize in the RTIK competition

I'm thinking... What do I think about the future? It is a change. Chance. New beginning. Inspiration. A game with incomprehensible instructions. Happiness… A collection of a thousand vague things. And that's exactly why it's so tempting to wait with interest. The appearance of the city of Ruse in the future will be completely changed. Things we see in fantasy movies will become reality.

Many years ago, Harry Emerson Fosdick said, "The world is moving so fast today that if someone says it can't be done, they are interrupted by someone who is already doing it." What a genius thought uttered so many years ago when it was not at all about dizzying technology... The total invasion of all kinds of devices and the design of innovative buildings that we watch to hold our breath in the imaginary world of movies will now be available and real .

What will the city of Ruse look like? In years it will be completely changed. Let's look into the future... The year is 2040. The Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry is preparing to celebrate its 150th anniversary. But Rousse is not the same - in two decades many things have changed...

The city is a giant air-conditioned complex covered with a transparent dome, under which the temperature is regulated and there are no storms or winds. In winter, they create artificial snow for children to enjoy and play. Blocks have a new look. They are connected by hiking and biking trails at various levels. Moving around the city, I imagine around me a lot of greenery, beautiful parks and gardens full of colorful flowers and trees. And above all, happy people walk among them, who then go home to their cozy homes, where they live contentedly and peacefully for tomorrow.

Our beautiful and iconic pier also looks different. It attracts Russians with an interactive museum, virtual aquariums, a zoo and a huge cinema and theater. People have the opportunity, during their vacation, to develop their interests - to go to the theater, cinema and museum, so that their life is real and full.

I am stretching the limits of my imagination when describing the park in the future. It is undoubtedly one of the favorite places of Russians. There is a purpose-built grass square where visitors gather, have a picnic or read books. Next to it there are swings and hammocks, which are intended for entertainment. The most interesting hour is an area above ground that allows people to walk around on a walking path that makes maneuverable turns around tree trunks. What is the purpose of this invention? People have closer contact with nature.

When I say people read books in the park I imagine them in a different way. The books are entirely in electronic version - with an emu that reacts to waves. This allows the characters in the illustrations to move. Thus, the books will not be absorbed by the virtual world, but it will enter between the covers.

Flying cars are no longer just fiction and imagination – they exist. The dreams of Bulgarians to drive preserved and new cars will come true. People think about the tire once a year, when they change the tire on the car. Flying taxis and buses are used to reduce congestion in the city, and longer journeys are made using rockets that pass through the upper atmosphere at high speeds that shorten arrival times.

Exciting and completely changed will be the sport. What do football stadiums look like? They are very different. The matches of the favorite team of the people of Rus - Dunav FC are played on flying boards and Quidditch from "Harry Potter" is no longer science fiction.

What is the reason for the change? This progress is due to all the new technologies that are taking the world by storm. The future is certainly interesting and it's all worth seeing. Thanks to technology and new inventions, in about twenty years anything will be possible.

I believe!

I'm waiting!

I am convinced that the city of Ruse will be very developed. All its inhabitants, especially young people, will be happy and associate their dreams for the future with it. Undoubtedly, our life in the future will be wonderful!

Monika Velikova, 15, PG on tourism "Ivan P. Pavlov"

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