"Bader Bulgaria" - Pioneer in sustainable business and proud winner of the "Investor of the Year" award for 2023

In a world where business and sustainability increasingly go hand in hand, the Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry is proud to announce the outstanding achievement of one of its members - "Bader Bulgaria". The company, part of the international group Bader GmbH & Co. KG, was honored with the prestigious Investor of the Year Award for 2023 in the Sustainable Business category.

Based on long-standing traditions in the production of first-class leather products and with an emphasis on innovation and environmental friendliness, "Bader Bulgaria" is an example of a company that successfully combines the pursuit of perfection in production with care for the environment and society. Starting its operations in Ruse in 2019, the company not only offered the region quality jobs and development, but also proved that investments in environmentally friendly practices are the key to long-term success.

The recognition by the Bulgarian Investment Agency is a confirmation of the continuous efforts of "Bader Bulgaria" in support of environmentally responsible production and innovative approaches to training and development of personnel. The company is distinguished by its modern training center, where employees acquire valuable skills, deepen their knowledge of the specifics of the work and quality requirements typical of the automotive industry.

The Rousse Chamber of Commerce and Industry expresses its congratulations to the entire Bader Bulgaria team for their dedication to creating an environmentally responsible future and their role as leaders in industrial and social progress in the region. This distinction is a sign of recognition not only for "Bader Bulgaria", but also for the entire community in Ruse, demonstrating the strength and potential of our local economy.

We are proud that "Bader Bulgaria" is part of our industrial community and we believe that their achievement will serve as an inspiration for other companies to follow their example in the pursuit of sustainable and innovative business development.

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